Wednesday, December 31, 2014


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We're moving!  Well, that is, the blog is moving.  I'm going to be blogging on our website from now on.  So please, be sure to come by, check it out and see what is going on over there!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dragonfly Lessons

I walked with my neighbor down to the lake today.  I've been doing this more recently.  I need the exercise and I think she needs the company.

We go down and we sit on the float.

Today, it was a quiet sit.  And a dragonfly landed on my bare toe and just set there.

There are lessons to be learned in this.  If I'm moving the dragonfly won't land on or near me.  It's only in sitting still that this will happen.

Sometimes I need to sit still to learn lessons, to receive gifts.

If you look at the teachings or symbolism of the dragonfly, you'll see the following:

*change and transformation
*joy, lightness of being
*symbolism of the realm of emotions,
invitation to dive deeper into your feelings
*being on the lookout for illusions and deceit,
whether external or personal
*connection with nature's spirits, fairies realm

*good luck

*maturity and a depth of character
*power and poise
*defeat of self-created illusions
*focus on living in the moment
*opening of one's eyes

Important Dragonfly Teaching: Illusion:
"When we've tricked ourselves into believing our limits prevent us from changing and growing, Dragonfly teaches us to pierce our self-created illusions. Dragonfly helps us to gain power through dreams and goals. Dragonfly asks us to look through the illusions, to become all we can be."

So what animal has crossed your path and visited you?  What lessons can you learn from it.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Articles of Interest

These four articles have come across my newsfeed this week and all are worthy of serious consideration for anyone working with children and parents.

Why Are Kids Afraid of Nature?

The Criminalization of Natural Play

Who's Afraid of "Big Bad Nature"?  Far Too Many Kids

It's Time We Gave Our Children Permission to Get Outside and Get Dirty

This Week In Nature Study

This week, in just a span of  a few days, several articles came across my newsfeed that propelled me forward.

Articles about children, nature, wild play and fear.  I'm no stranger to fear of nature.

I am however determined that the next generation of moms and children should be walked through and desensitized to fear of creation, the great outdoors, that children should be able to run and play the way my parents did.

I'm motivated, as my own children range from nearly grown to fledged from the next to work to help the next generation get outside!

This week when our homeschool group gathered, it was made up primarily of young families.  Families that aren't even technically homeschooling yet, but who are very much homeschooling their preschool aged children.

The best part of nature study was not the children catching things from the pond and bringing them to our observation tub (a large galvanized washtub rescued from my father's barn).  But rather, it was the moms, who were ankle deep in mud.  It was hearing the mom, not the child, say, "I got a frog." that excited me.  These moms weren't doing it for their kids.  Nope, the kids were on their own.  These moms were doing it .... well, just for the fun of it, because they could.

The kids were doing it, too.  They caught frogs.  And as always, I was excited to see and here little voices saying, "What is it?  What did I catch?"  As they brought their net containing the prize of their efforts to the tub.

At the explorations end, all the creatures were safely and gently returned to the pond, and everyone went home happy and looking forward to next week.

Hopefully, they went home, too, inspired, thinking about my dream, for property, ocean property, that is ours, where there is freedom to let the kids play wild, while moms are nearby but not hovering, where we are exploring and learning and growing, together.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Crawling Under A Rock

Ever feel like the world was closing in and the safest place to go was under a rock.  Yeah, it started out like one of those days.

The crazy part is that there have been so many amazing things happening in the last two months.  Seriously, two months ago I sent out a prayer request.  A dozen folks responded and started a prayer circle and in that time, God has done so many amazing things for Creation Exploration.

As a group we claimed the land we've been using, by putting chairs out and planting a garden and talking about building forts.

Then I got my license, so I can take CEM on the road, with or without another adult to help out.

Then we were given a vehicle.  No, it's not the camper van we'd prayed for, but God knows best what we need at any given time.

And then we were given use of a building to house our stuff, which is currently in my kitchen, books, specimens, posters, the whole schabang!

Now, the biggest prayer is how do we generate income without my going out to work?  Everyone is encouraging me to write curriculum.  This is a huge hurdle and this morning it just seemed too daunting.  Crawling under a rock seemed easier than climbing over it.

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Guide to Exploration in Creation

It seems like it's time.  Time to try to put into writing what we do each week here at CEM as part of our homeschool nature study group.  This is a challenge for me, with many hurdles.  If you've long wanted to do nature study but weren't sure where to start or didn't know how to make it count as school or didn't feel like you had enough knowledge of creation yourself, please comment with your questions.  This will help me know how to shape it to help those who say things like, "Your group sounds like so much fun.  I wish we lived closer."

The fact is that creation is just outside your front door.  If you don't think so, just leave your outside light on all night this time of year ... you'll soon be bustling with activity of various local moths.

Pray for me to have faith, to have courage, to take the necessary steps and to be able by God's grace to produce something that will be a blessing and encouragement to families - all families, not just those who homeschool - to get outside together as a family!